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Tango Negro -Moscu


Arrabalera, Milonga- Moscù


Yunta de Oro,Tango-Torino




Reliquias porteñas,Milonga-Canadà


 Veronica Palacios and Omar Quiroga have currently chosen as place of residence Barcelona- Spain.


Milonga, Zurich-Suiza 


Milonga in Zurich 


                                                                   Milonga in London

Mi Vieja Linda,Milonga -Nueva York 


Tango Argentino



Tus Labios me  Diran,Tango-Moscu





They have been teaching and performing at festivals and Milongas in Russia,United States,Switzerland,Latvia,Canada,Spain,Germany,Italy,Brazil,Venezuela,Holand,Estonia,England
France,Uruguay,Greece,Austria, China and Lebanon. Recently they played the starring roles in the film TANGUERO, an Italo-Argentine production.


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Their unique style combines the salon heritage with a modern touch of tango fantasia, where graceful elegance and sensuality are serving a respectful interpretation of the individual fashions which differentiate tango orchestras.

Reliquias Porteñas,Milonga-Nueva York


Abandono,Tango-Nueva york

El Carrillon de la Merced,Tango-Torino

When teaching, they aim to convey the importance of communication within the couple, where the essential is not visual, but an intimate sensation inherited from the old milongueros.
Veronica and Omar will show you how to achieve a perfect complicity between the dancing partners, allowing the follower to express his feelings in pair with the leader. But they will also show you how to have fun respecting the distinctive style of each different orchestra.

Teaching  Tango in The World:

Torino-Cremona-Zurich-Brescia-Barletta-Milan-New York-Salsburgo-Londres-Moscu-Sicilia-Estonia-Genova-Montreal-Toronto-

Special thanks to the wonderful photographers we have known

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Currently residing in  Sitges-Spain